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Abound SDK overview#

Welcome to the Abound SDK. Abound SDK empowers developers with the capability to build 3D scanning into their applications.

Abound 3D scanning enables developers to let their users quickly scan their environment, generate a textured 3D triangle mesh, and store it in the cloud.


Some example use cases enabled by Abound 3D scanning include:

  • Real estate floorplans. 3D scanning makes it easy for people to capture floorplans of homes. Floorplans provide scale information and understanding of room layout that photos or video cannot provide.

  • Construction documentation. 3D scanning lets you compare changes to a physical space over time so you can easily document construction progress. Create a visual physical diff of the real world.

  • Furniture visualization. Let your users capture their living room then later visualize it using mobile AR. Make it easy to visualize how furniture in a store would look in your home.

  • Remote inspection. 3D scans are uploaded and made available via the Abound API in real-time, so apps can provide immediate feedback to remote users for inspection.

Abound 3D scanning is composed of a managed service and a client SDK for iOS. The tutorials provide information about getting started with building apps using Abound 3D scanning.

Next steps#

Create your first app with Abound 3D scanning.